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December 31, 2010


Laurel L. Russwurm

This is an excellent motion.

It would be well for the CRTC to take heed; the damage that UBB will do to Canada's digital economy is enormous.

Thanks City of Vancouver!


I hope Ontario follows!

John McFaris

Thank you Andrea, for being on the side of consumers. I really wish there were more people like you, who care about us.

Would you like to know what the high level executives at some of the other ISPs are saying about UBB?

Matt Stein, vice-president of network services for Primus, calls overage fees "an economic disincentive for internet use since the charges levied by Bell Canada are many, many, many times what it costs to actually deliver it." (That's an exact quote from Matt Stein)

The CEO of Teksavvy said:

"UBB is pure profit. IP transport of internet data is somewhere between $3 and $10/Mbps for companies like ours.... So doing basic math we're talking of $3-$10 per 300GB of data... So 1 to 3 pennies per gig of downloading on the Internet transit side."

TSI Rocky - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.

You can find the rest of their comments at DSL Reports.

Shaw uses misleading information, and tells customers that their limits are generous, and overstates the cost of bandwidth. In fact, bandwidth is 1-3 PENNIES per GB, but Shaw is charging $2 PER GB!

Did you know that Shaw (quietly) reduced all of their usage caps by 30% without telling customers?

Funny part is, the infrastructure most of these ISPs use were BUILT WITH CANADIAN TAX DOLLARS! Now they are charging us massive overage fees for using it.

Shaw, and other Canadian ISPs are using UBB as a method to control access to their competitors, ie: Netflix, Hulu, etc.  It is clearly a conflict of interest to allow a TV Broadcaster who is also an ISP, to limit our access to their competition.

Fight back! Visit and sign the petition. Forward it to your friends, family, and co-workers. We need to act on this, or every single windows update, web page, and email will cost you money.

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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission gave a continued green light today (January 25) for large, incumbent Internet service providers to bill independent ISPs for wholesale broadband on a usage-based system.

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